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Let your kids groove to Deepalis magical beats and learn some fun dance moves. not only will it help them gain confidence but they will also become flexible and learn to enjoy different genres of music.

Tiny Feet helps you introduce the world of dance to your youngest performer. The goal of this class is to introduce your tiny dancer to the classroom setting through a warm, inviting and engaging environment. The classes are well structured and do not require parent participation. Watch your child’s face light up while they learn to dance to fun music along with toys and props. At Tiny Feet your child will learn proper body alignment, foot articulation, choreography and coordination to music. Boys and girls walking through age 2 1/2 years are welcome too.





Hand Eye Coordination, Physical Fitness and Social Skills


 One of the brains behind our dance classes is Mrs Deepali Chugh. She is the Artistic Director of the Dancin'Aptitude Academy and she brings a wealth of experience to Tiny Feet’s Dance program. Apart from being well qualified and with 18 years experience, she has a passion for dancing and this is evident from her commitment to our classes. She has been a cornerstone of Dance within Tiny Feet for over 2 years, and has always been a favourite of children wither energy, dynamism, and enthusiasm for music. She has worked with numerous educational institutions throughout the Tri-City, including Vivek Highschool and Carmel Convent. She specializes in numerous forms of dance, including Zumba, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Bhangra, and Classical Dance. She also conducts classes in Aerobics and Power Yoga. 

Deepali Chugh


5-7 Years



Monday, Wednesday

and Saturday


4:30 pm to 5:30 pm


6-10  Years

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