Frequently asked questions

Who can attend a Tiny Feet activity class?

Tiny Feet class offers an enjoyable way to spend time together with your little ones. A great way to make new friend, Tiny Feet classes can be attended by parents as well. We encourage adults to play and interact with their children as it helps establishing a sense of bonding, and also help parent assess the development in their children.

Can my child attend all the classes?

Every activity class at Tiny Feet is carefully crafted and is divided in accordance with suitable age groups. Please check the class guidelines as each session is individual. It’s essential to respect these age restrictions since the content of each class has been tailored for a specific age group.

What are the benefits of attending Tiny Feet Activity classes?

Active children are better learners. At Tiny Feet, the main aim is to provide a safe playground to kids and offers a wide variety of learning experiences. Tiny Feet offers a free play where the little ones have choices, practice new skills, socialize and gain independence.

What is involved in the activity class?

Since each class is tailored according to the age limitations, we request you to through the description page of each class. The main aim at Tiny Feet is to make learning fun. We don’t want the child to be scared of school. Rather, we help him by making him ready for the real school.

Can we drop off the child to the class and return when the class is finished?

Yes, you can. However, for certain classes we request the parents to be present so they can witness the progress of their child. You can leave your nanny along with the child in case you have an urgent meeting or appointment.

Do you also provide food during the activity class?

No, the mothers are told beforehand to pack some yummilicious snacks that the kids can enjoy during their class. During the tiffin time, kids can have their tiffin along with their friends and share it too.