3 Qualities All Parents Must Have...

Parents often discuss their children, their habits, what they want them to act like etc., but it is very rare to find someone discussing their flaws and areas they need to work on as a parent. Here are few qualities which parents need to have for the right upbringing of kids:

Being a role model:

All parents should ask one question from their own selves, Do they want their kids to become like them? If not, they need to change themselves first. For instance: parents who eat junk food can not expect their kids to eat healthily. Similarly, if all family members use mobile phones in excess, they can’t stop their children from using electronic gadgets. Before demanding them to be better, they need to look into their flaws and try to improve themselves first.


Patience :

One needs to have an abundance of patience for answering tons of silly questions, cleaning up space a hundred times a day, fulfilling all the demands and thousand more things. Parents may feel angry, impatient or sometimes even frustrated in these situations, but still, they should take a deep breath and try to cool down. Remember that expressing these negative emotions, scolding and beating them will make the situation even worse.


Good listener

Parents should listen to their kids without being judgemental so that children can feel free to talk about their problems and worries, especially teenagers. They need to make them feel that no matter what the situation is their parents will always listen, understand and support them. This one quality can save kids from lots of troubles in the future.


Apart from these, there are so many other qualities that parents need to inculcate like empathy, flexibility, the ability to express love to kids etc., but they can start first with patience, being their role models and good listeners.

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