Welcome to our Winter Term

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Dear Parents, Welcome to our Winter term at Tiny Feet. Just to give you a quick recap, we had a very exciting and a fun-filled Monsoon term here at Tiny Feet. We celebrated Tiny Feet's 8th birthday with full gusto in July where we had special marathon storytelling sessions with Shiraz, live music for children and a lots of fun crafting balloons with a balloon puppeteer.

At Tiny Feet we never miss any important day or festival and love to celebrate with full enthusiasm with our children. We also celebrated Grandparents Day along with Ganesh Chaturthi where kids did the aarti and Ganapathi visarjan along with their grand parents. Our Saturday learnathons went on to celebrate Julia Donaldson's Birthday, Spooktacular Halloween where kids went for a Tricks or Treat march across sector 8 and Tiny Feet moms opened their homes for kids and pampered them generously with yummy candies and treats. We participated in out of centre events like Chubby Cheeks and Vanity Fair and took care of approximately 200 children while their mothers shopped peacefully. Some other festivals that we celebrated this term were Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtami, Dussehra and Diwali. Yes, we did have a super busy term where we don't shy away from having fun and celebrating with our kids and reinforcing the importance of culture and festivity. End of term we had a lot of parties in all our classes as well as a special dance performance for parents put up by both our dance groups. 

This term has taken off well with exciting new programs for children. We also have a special Daddy's day at our Mother Toddler Playgroups, lots of sunny picnic outings and joyous Christmas parties before the winter holidays begin.

Our New Website is still taking shape but getting there..would love your views on what you think about it.

Pictures taken of all our classes/workshops/events this term are posted on our Tiny Feet Giant Leaps Page. Click on the link below to view the pics. https://m.facebook.com/Tiny-Feet-Giant-Leaps-375742135824154/ Please like and share our page for updates. Please call on 9888070910 for registrations and mail us if you have any suggestions or feedback for us.

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